Co w duszy gra #7: Sundara Karma

Jedni nazywają ich przyszłymi gwiazdami stadionów, a jeszcze inni twierdzą, że to największa gitarowa nadzieja debiutująca na Wyspach Brytyjskich w tym roku. Ich twórczość często porównywana jest z Peace oraz Palma Violets, choć nie brakuje w niej odniesień do Arcade Fire i Bruce Springsteena. Poznajcie Sundara Karma. W lutym 2015 ukazała się ich debiutancka epka "EPI", na której mogliście znaleźć przebojowy singiel "Loveblood". Nagrania zespołu pojawiały się również na moich czwartkowych playlistach, więc mam nadzieję, że ta nazwa nie jest Wam obca. 

Panowie z Sundara Karma zgodzili się przedstawić Wam pięć utworów, które zainspirowały ich twórczość. Oto one:

Max Normal - Love Is

"Everything about this song is magic. The lyrics are the most insightful and inspiring song lyrics I have ever heard. The songs basically about saying fuck you to people who tell you you can't do something and to carry on no matter what. To be original and to take all the negative people/ bad vibes out of your life. This song and this artist (Watkin Tudor Jones aka Max Normal aka Ninja from Die Antword aka a million other things) came into my life at the perfect moment and that's something I'll always be grateful for. I even use this song as my alarm in the morning... however, it is slightly morose so I tend to sleep through it... ALOT! But when I do wake up to it it's worth it. Without this song and this artist in my life it would 100% not be the same."

David Bowie - Heroes

"Again another artist that if he were not to have existed, my life would not be the same. It's a song that washes away the meaningless. When listening to this song you truly feel "as though nothing could fall" and that all you really need in life is a certain kind of Romance. David Bowie is a songwriting Titan and has always been brilliant at taping into emotions and aesthetics in his songs. I would find it hard naming someone else who does this better."

Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone

"There is one of the only other men that could champion Bowies songwriting. A song that will be here forever. I really do think that a great song must have some sort of primal connection in it that we all tap into. I swear, even if you have never heard a Bod Dylan song before, you will still recognise it the moment it is played to you."
The War on Drugs - Red Eyes

"The production on the album ‘lost in the dream’ takes your breath away, with crisp guitars, ambient sythns and hazy vocals that sound like they are passing in the wind. Red eyes is a texture of synths, acoustic guitars and pianos living in fog which creates something beautiful and original."
Blood Orange - Chamakay

"Chamakay includes vocals from Chairlift, and it has light and soothing vocals with a piece of R&B tinged electronic soul and it’s a song you can close your eyes and the music will paint a picture with its almost tribal drum beat. Chamakay is my favourite track off his ‘cupid dulxe’ album."
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Debiutancki album grupy Sundara Karma "Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect" ukazał się 6 stycznia 2017 roku. Płyta jest rewelacyjna!
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